Logistics Buyer Job Description ǀ Globex

The logistics buyer is crucial for companies who want to optimize their procurement operations and reduce costs.

The experts at international shipping company Globex Worldwide Courier reveal everything you need to know about being a buyer in the logistics and transport sector, including essential skills and the secrets for success in this industry.

The role of the logistics buyer

Logistics buyers are central to ensuring the fluidity of any supply chain within the logistics and transport sector.

In general, a buyer’s responsibilities include planning, selecting and acquiring goods. In the field of transport and logistics, a buyer is responsible for acquiring shipping services on behalf of the company, including transport via road, air, sea and river. Their role may also encompass logistics and warehousing services.

Logistics buyer skills

Working as a logistics buyer means pursing a career in transportation and logistics that will take you to the heart of operations. Your main goal will be to ensure that goods and services are available when needed, while optimizing costs. Key responsibilities include:

  • Selecting suppliers: Logistics buyers identify and select the most suitable suppliers for the company, evaluating various factors such as reliability, quality of service and cost.
  • Contract negotiation: Buyers excel in conducting calls for tenders and completing contractualization with selected suppliers. They must also be able to negotiate contracts to obtain competitive rates and optimal delivery terms.
  • Cost optimization: Logistics buyers work closely with other departments to reduce overall supply chain costs, by optimizing shipping costs and improving inventory management.
  • Good inventory management: Inventory management is crucial to maintaining the balance between product availability and cost. A good buyer forecasts demand, monitors stock levels and uses effective strategies to avoid costly overstocking and stock-outs. They usually work with the logistics director.
  • Risk management: They anticipate and manage supply chain risks, identifying backup suppliers and preventing delivery delays.

A logistics buyer’s job goes beyond analyzing markets and trends. They collaborate with operational staff to create transport plans, audit service providers, and resolve irregularities and incidents. They may also be involved in drawing up new transport plans, monitoring transport costs and developing procedures.

The essential qualities of a good logistics buyer

In addition to the technical skills specific to the purchasing field, a logistics buyer must also cultivate soft skills in order to truly excel:

  • Persuasion: Persuasion is a crucial skill for a buyer, so that they can convince middlemen to reach agreements that are advantageous to the company. By presenting arguments clearly and persuasively, this professional can obtain price reductions, reduced delivery times, or other additional benefits.
  • Initiative: A buyer needs to stand out from the crowd and add real value to their role. By being proactive, they can identify opportunities for improving purchasing processes, seek out innovative new suppliers, or anticipate market developments.
  • Creativity: Creativity is an essential quality for a buyer, as they are often faced with complex procurement challenges that require innovative solutions to meet business needs.
  • Integrity: Integrity is a non-negotiable quality for a logistics buyer, as they are responsible for making important financial decisions and dealing with suppliers. By acting honestly, ethically and transparently, the buyer builds trusting relationships with suppliers, ensures fair competition and upholds the company’s reputation.
  • Communication: Buyers need strong communication skills, because they must interact with suppliers, colleagues and internal company stakeholders. They need to be able to clearly express the company’s needs, ask relevant questions and make sure all parties involved in the purchasing process understand one another.

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A logistics buyer plays a key role in a company’s success. The technical and soft skills they bring to their role are essential to maintaining a fluid and efficient supply chain.

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