Your tailored courier service to the United States
For more than 25 years, Globex Worldwide Courier’s dedicated team has offered its customers a tailored shipping service from Canada to the USA. Take advantage of our outstanding service for your next import or export.
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Freight shipping services to and from the United States

Whether you want to send parcels or documents to the United States or import a work of art or a pallet, Globex Worldwide Courier has the cross-border shipping service you need.


Open an account now by calling our Montreal number 514-739-7977, Quebec number 418-948-1712 or 800-359-2111 and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

  • Guaranteed express delivery services*.

    Before using any of the following guaranteed services, always check with our customer service department for the availability of the desired service depending on your shipping destination.


    When “time is money”, our delivery service is invaluable.


    8:30 a.m. next business day
    10:30 a.m. next business day
    Delivery on Saturday


    *Satisfaction with our services guaranteed or your money back.

  • Express delivery service (5 p.m. next business day)

    Our service offers next business day delivery by 5 p.m. in most US cities.


    This is the most popular service with our customers. More than 90% of shipments sent by this service are delivered the next day before noon.

  • 2-day delivery service

    Increasingly popular with our customers, this service is the fastest growing of all our services when it comes to shipping products to the United States.


    It offers all the benefits of express service with only one additional day of delivery time and a lower rate than express service. An undeniably good option

  • Ground delivery service

    Our most cost-effective delivery service offers security and reliability for your routine shipments to any address in the United States.


    When cost is the most important factor, this service is a must. Customs clearance not included.

  • Air import service from the United States (customs clearance included)

    Our air import service is perfect for your shipments from the United States.


    Our team ensures a high level of security and reliability for your shipments from any US address.

  • US ground import service (customs clearance not included)

    Our ground import service is ideal for cross-border shipments and offered at a very attractive price.


    Get secure and reliable shipping from any US address.

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Open an account now by calling in
Montreal 514-739-7977
Quebec 418-948-1712
or 800-359-2111
and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

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