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Globex Worldwide Courier: Your trusted partner for international shipping

Reliable and Affordable International Shipping Services

Globex Worldwide Courier offers swift, dependable international shipping at competitive rates. With a legacy of over 25 years, our extensive network reaches across more than 220 countries and territories. Rest assured, your shipment is guaranteed to reach its destination on time. Our commitment? Delivering nothing short of the finest, comprehensive international courier service at the optimal price.

Elevated Import and Export all-inclusive solutions: Trust Globex for your Worldwide Deliveries

Globex Worldwide Courier provides express international shipping services for individual parcels as well as grouped shipments. Our extensive network encompasses numerous multiple countries offering both export and import express delivery solutions.

Express Export Service

The Globex Express Export Service guarantees fast, on-time delivery to over 220 countries. Our competitive rates include customs clearance.

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Express Plus* Export Service

The Globex Express Plus Export Service assures swift delivery to over 220 countries including customs clearance and backed by our a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Our Express Plus service guarantees delivery on the scheduled day and time.

*Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

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Import and Export Services

Tailor-made to your needs

The Globex Express Import Export Service provides secure and dependable international shipments from around the world. Customs clearance fees are included.

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Globex Courier: your shipping solution for international parcel delivery

Rely on Globex Worldwide Courier for express international shipping. Our premium customer service encompasses express shipping solutions within Canada, to the U.S. and internationally to over 220 countries worldwide. Select from a diverse array of options, including document, parcel and pallet shipping (with both LCL and FCL options), as well as specialized services such as artwork shipping, all offered at competitive rates.

Simple, reliable global shipping

Enhance your international shipping logistics and ship your parcels with confidence. With our network of top-tier transport partners, we guarantee efficient and on-time delivery.

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Flexible international delivery

Globex Worldwide Courier offers global coverage and custom solutions for international parcel shipments. We treat each package with care and precision.

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Swift shipping at competitive rates

High-quality customer service paired with competitive rates for all your shipping logistics requirements.


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Simplify your international shipping with Globex

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Count on Globex Worldwide Courier for express international delivery of parcels, envelopes or other specialized freight. Call 514-739-3977 or 1-800-359-2111 to open an account today. Let us leverage our international shipping expertise to serve for you.