Simplify your ecommerce shipments with our API
With the Globex Worldwide Courier API, you can connect your online store with a secure and reliable ecommerce shipping solution. Take advantage of discounted rates on services from multiple shipping companies!

Ecommerce shipping and fulfillment solutions for online stores

Integrate the Globex Worldwide Courier API and take your ecommerce store to the next level!

Your online store lets you showcase your products quickly and reach your target audience with just a few clicks. Shouldn’t shipping your online orders be just as easy?

Globex Worldwide Courier offers you a shipping solution designed to meet the realities of ecommerce. Thanks to our tool, you can automate the management of your shipments and focus on your core business.
Our API is quick to install and configure and can save you time and money!

A complete API to optimize your
ecommerce shipments

Have an online store with Shopify? Connect it to the Globex API and simplify your customers’ online shopping experience by offering them competitive real time or fixed rates on any delivery option!

Many alternatives are available: customize the prices, services, and shipping companies you offer. Your customers simply choose the price and delivery time that suits them best and that’s it!

You can then use your customized Globex dashboard to automatically process and organize your shipments. You and your customers will have instant access to all shipment status information and support from our freight logistics specialists.

  • Simplified shipping

  • Shipment tracking

  • Support from
    our experts

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Managing your ecommerce shipments has
never been easier

Do you have a personalized online store? Great! Using the Globex API gives you full control over the management of your shipping and lets you benefit from great shipping rates.

Your online store allows you to present your products quickly and reach your target customers with just a few clicks. Why wouldn’t shipping online be so easy?

Globex Worldwide Courier offers you a shipping solution tailored to the challenges of e-commerce. Thanks to our API, you can automate the management of shipments and focus on what really matters, you core business.

Quick to install and configure
our API will save you time and money!

Configure your shipping options to suit your needs

The Globex API is customizable and lets you choose the shipping services you want to offer your customers.

At checkout, your customers are presented with a range of shipping options based on the rates you choose (real time or fixed price).

They also get an accurate and immediate shipping quote, whether it’s for shipping in Canada, shipping in the United States or internationally!

Process your
shipments instantly

Once your shipping parameters are defined, you are all set to take advantage of the Globex API.

As soon as a transaction is completed on your online store, all that’s left to do is automatically upload all the shipping information to the Globex shipping system.

You can even print bills of lading and manage pickups at your physical store directly from your website.

When you choose the Globex API, you also get support from shipping specialists

If implementing an ecommerce fulfillment and shipping solution seems complex, don’t worry, the Globex team is here to help you.

Whether you need help installing and configuring the API on your online store, or have difficulties using it, a representative will be able to assist you until the problem is resolved. You can even get personalized advice on how to get the most out of your API!

If you have any doubts about the compatibility of the Globex API with your online store or if you want to know more about the advantages of our shipping solution, contact Globex Worldwide Courrier now!