About Globex courier

GLOBEX delivers your urgent documents and parcels worldwide.

We are a Canadian courier company founded in 1995. We pick-up and deliver your urgent documents and parcels in more than 220 countries and territories around the world. Our concept is to operate as an express delivery logistics broker and thus, offering you a wide range of arrays of transportation options. Our team is comprised of Mr. Arié Bettan and Charles Fortin, co-founders of Globex Worldwide Courier and more than 80 Customer Service Agents and Operational Employees, striving daily to offer our customers solutions meeting their particular needs.

With today’s market globalization, companies must lower their transportation costs to remain competitive and Globex Worldwide Courier clearly, understands these stakes.

Since our inception, we have been operating with world-renowned network in order to offer our customers a tremendous purchasing power, thus allowing them to reduce their transport costs.

Our Customer Service Agents place a special emphasis on customer relationships. We firmly believe that the better we know the activities and needs of our customers, the better we can meet their expectations in international express deliveries.

At Globex, we offer you a fast, reliable and above all, very economical delivery service.

We look forward to serving you, contact us today and see what we have to offer.

Our concept

  • To operate as express transportation logistic brokers.
  • To offer a complete transportation solution to our customers using renowned delivery networks across the globe.
  • To offer the highest standards in delivery service. Our vast buying power and international logistic network, translates into cost-effective savings for our customers.
  • Thanks to GLOBEX ’s corporate agreements within the international transportation logistic chain, we offer an unparalleled physical presence worldwide.
  • Our expertise allows us to offer transportation solutions adapted to your needs.

Our key concept

  • To know our customers’ needs in order to deliver the highest level of service.
  • To provide our customers a dedicated sales specialist in order to assure their satisfaction

Our mission

  • To strive for new transportation solutions in order to fulfill our clients requirements

As each customer has different needs, GLOBEX’s strength is in building a unique transportation logistics solution designed to fit their particular needs.

If you have particular transport needs,we are your answer.

In today’s changing market place, more and more companies are looking for cost-effective solutions in order to stay competitive. At GLOBEX, our skilled employees work towards one common goal: Offer a transportation solution that exceeds ou customer’s needs.

Why pay more?

At GLOBEX, we offer you a way to ship better, faster, and smarter.

When it comes to express delivery, no other company can offer a wider range of transportation logistics options.

When you need us, we deliver. Put us to the test!

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International Services
GLOBEX picks-up and delivers your urgent documents and parcels to over 220 countries and territories around the world.
Services within Canada
GLOBEX picks-up and delivers your urgent documents and parcels to all addresses in Canada at your convenience.
Services to and from the US
GLOBEX handles customs clearance, pick-up and delivery of your urgent documents and parcels to and from the United States
(including Alaska & Hawaii).
Local Services in Montreal (same day delivery)
GLOBEX provides you a quick messenger type service within the Greater Montreal region.

Call GLOBEX today

Montreal: (514) 739-7977

Quebec City: (418) 948-1712

Elsewhere in Canada: (800) 359-2111