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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every day, millions of packages are delivered all over the world. To ensure the fastest possible delivery, logistics providers usually have depots along national and international routes.

Parcel companies like Amazon, UPS or FedEx operate like well-oiled machines. Every second of the delivery process is optimized from the preparation of your package to its receipt. However, mishaps or snags can sometimes disrupt this well-organized process and cause delays.

If you have ever wondered “Why is my package late?”, here are some possible explanations.

Delivery delays due to administrative errors

There are many reasons for late deliveries, but most of them have to do with order processing. If you want to avoid delays or even , read the following.

Errors during data entry

A misspelled, incomplete, or outdated address, inaccurate handwriting, or even poor print quality can prevent the logistics company’s delivery driver from finding your shipping address.

Make sure you enter the correct shipping information after you have . Check the address for typos or errors. If you are unsure of the proper format of an address, you can find this information on your freight forwarding company’s website.

By taking a few extra minutes to make sure the information is correct, you can help avoid delivery delays.

Non-compliance with customs rules

As a shipper, it is your responsibility to be aware of and comply with applicable laws regarding prohibited and restricted items.

If your package is suspected of containing prohibited items (such as lithium batteries), it will be detained until the situation is clarified.

Some regions of the world have strict customs policies. If you are interested in shipping a package to the Maple Leaf country, we invite you to read our article on .

Delays due to the delivery location

Last mile delivery is the final step in the package shipping process. It is also the most challenging in terms of timeliness. Here are the main reasons why your package may be delayed.

No doorbell

Since the drivers cannot simply leave the package at your door unless you authorize them to do so, it is important that the driver be able to signal his arrival once at your location. If a doorbell is not present or other means to let you know he is arrived, they will have to come back another day. This implies a potential delay on the day of receipt of your package.

Difficult access to the delivery site

Difficult access to your business or home may prevent the delivery of your goods. If the instructions are not clear or not indicated at the time of the order (for example if the code number of a building is missing) the courier will have to leave. As in the previous case, a new delivery attempt will be made the next business day.

Failed delivery attempts

Couriers are often on a strict route schedule to achieve the delivery and collection of a certain number of stops per day. This means that, in most cases, it is impossible for them to deviate and return to the same address several times on the same day if you have not been present.

As a rule, if there is no one at the address, the courier will try to deliver your package the next day. After several unsuccessful attempts, the package will probably be sent back and stored in a depot so that the recipient can come and pick it up by himself.

Delays in deliveries related to the supply chain

Every day, transportation brokers offer many logistics services to optimize their clients’ supply chains. However, these same chains can be disrupted by several factors causing delays in delivery. Here are a few examples.

Temporary technical issues

Sometimes technical problems in the supply chain can occur. Transport companies usually notify their customers if they identify a problem. They usually estimate the time needed to remedy the problem, considering their operational schedule.


When workers go on strike, it can disrupt the entire supply chain. In some cases, delivery times may be extended.

Delivery delays due to external factors

Finally, in addition to technical and human factors, external factors can influence the supply chain and therefore create delays in the delivery of your goods.

Weather conditions

Sometimes bad weather can have a major impact on package delivery. In some cases, delivery companies may have to suspend operations entirely for a few days.

Heavy rains can cause flooding, preventing trucks from reaching their destinations. Snow and ice can make roads impassable, and high winds can bring down trees and power lines.

High demand during certain periods

The popularity of e-commerce and new trends in online shopping behavior have significantly impacted delivery companies. Due to a titanic volume of packages, especially during the holiday season, many delivery companies are falling behind.

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There are many reasons why packages can arrive later than expected. We hope this article has helped shed some light on the subject and that you have a better understanding of what can cause a package to be delayed.

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