Last-Mile Delivery: A Key Issue for E-Commerce Companies

If you work in e-commerce, it goes without saying that in order to stay competitive, your company needs to ensure that the products it ships to customers are delivered as quickly as possible. In other words, high-quality products and good customer service are no longer enough to stand out as an e-commerce company.

In this article, find out more about last-mile delivery, a supply chain step that has become crucial for e-commerce companies.

What is last-mile delivery?

Last mile delivery is the final step in the shipping process. It is usually handled by the postal service or an express courier company.

It generally begins at the shipper’s distribution centre and ends when the parcel has been delivered to the recipient’s location.

“Last-mile” is just an expression. In reality, there can be dozens of kilometres between the distribution centre and the delivery address.

How the rise of e-commerce affects last-mile delivery

E-commerce has grown enormously in the last few years. In Canada, online sales have increased by over $9 billion in the last 2 years alone. This growth has greatly altered consumers’ expectations regarding last-mile delivery.

It used to be normal for deliveries to take weeks to arrive, but these days, it would be considered completely unacceptable for e-commerce companies to make their customers wait that long. A delivery delay as short as two days can be enough for a business to lose sales.

Furthermore, consumers now expect real-time package tracking, delivery every day of the week and even free product returns. Studies have revealed that 14% of customers would stop shopping with a company after just one late delivery.

Online businesses that want to stay relevant and competitive need to choose a delivery service that offers a comprehensive, reliable and efficient e-commerce shipping solution.

Aspects to consider when choosing a delivery service

In the current context, it’s essential for e-commerce companies to choose the right delivery and courier service, because it will become a defining element of the experience they offer to customers. Here are a few important aspects to consider when choosing a delivery partner.

Geographical coverage

For online businesses, borders are virtually non-existent. People from all over the world may be interested in buying their products.

That’s why e-commerce companies should choose delivery services that not only offer local delivery in major city centres like Montreal and Quebec City, but also provide shipping across Canada, the United States and internationally through a network of trusted partner companies.

The tools available

It’s completely reasonable for online businesses to expect their transportation and shipping logistics partner to be as familiar as they are with modern computer-based tools.

For example, some delivery services give online businesses the option of connecting their website to an API that makes it much easier to manage deliveries and save on shipping costs.

Specialist support 24/7

For e-commerce companies, the delivery service they use is practically an extension of their brand.

If the delivery service fails to provide customer service that meets consumers’ expectations, the e-commerce company that uses it will suffer the consequences. It’s essential for online businesses to choose a delivery partner that offers impeccable, personalized customer service.

Globex Worldwide Courier: the ideal partner for e-commerce companies

Nowadays, last-mile delivery is an aspect of business that e-commerce companies need to take very seriously. If this final stage of the shipping process is not executed properly, customer confidence can quickly erode and affect the e-commerce company’s sales and reputation. That’s why online businesses need to choose their delivery service with care.

If you are looking for a shipping partner that suits your particular needs, trust Globex Worldwide Courier. We can even provide you with a dedicated sales consultant who will make sure that all your needs are met. Contact Globex today!