Careers in Transportation and Logistics

Logistics and transportation are the invisible pillars that support our fast-moving modern world. Behind every product we buy and every parcel that arrives at its destination, there are irreplaceable professionals working for your satisfaction. These dedicated workers keep supply chains flowing, deliveries coordinated and businesses running smoothly.

International courier Globex invites you to discover the exciting world of logistics and transportation, where transport professionals work hard every day to keep continents connected.

What are logistics and transportation?

Logistics and transportation are two closely related activities that are fundamental to keeping supply chains and business activities running smoothly.

Logistics includes the planning, organization and control of the flow of goods and information. Transportation is the means by which articles are physically moved from one place to another.

Skillful logistics and transportation professionals make a vital contribution to the success of commercial activity by providing reliable distribution, reducing transport costs and minimizing delivery delays. Transportation and logistics are always interconnected: effective delivery depends on established logistics strategies and efficient transport.

Logistics and transportation professions

A supply chain connects products to customers quickly and efficiently. Logistics and transportation are at the heart of a successful supply chain. But who are the heroes who make this connection possible every day?

Learn about the most sought-after jobs in logistics and transportation from professionals who offer shipping services within Canada and around the world!

Logistics manager or director

A logistics manager or director manages an entire supply chain, optimizing processes to ensure maximum fluidity. From the moment products leave the factory to the instant they are delivered to customers, a logistics manager works with various players in the supply chain to ensure maximum efficiency.

A logistics manager or director is responsible for:

  • Coordination
  • Designing logistics strategies to improve quality, reduce costs and shorten delivery times

Optimizing overall company performance by reducing costs, lead times and minimum inventories.

Logistics technician or clerk

Logistics technicians, commonly known as logistics clerks, work in warehouses and on production sites within companies. Their main responsibilities are to receive and ship goods, manage inventory and prepare customer orders.

Employers look for several types of skills when searching for a logistics clerk, including excellent organizational and analytical skills, effective time and priority management, knowledge of occupational health and safety rules, and the ability to operate a forklift.

Inventory analyst

Professionals in this field may also be referred to as purchasing assistants, purchasing clerks, inventory analysts, purchasing managers, inventory control clerks or inventory planners.

Inventory analysts play an essential role in optimizing logistics, analyzing inventory levels and monitoring production costs. They are responsible for managing transactions and verifying inventory levels at various sites. Their responsibilities include reviewing purchase requisitions, sourcing suppliers, preparing orders and maintaining records. This job is particularly important to e-commerce logistics, where there is a high demand for streamlined and optimized processes.

Logistics dispatcher

A dispatcher is responsible for organizing and supervising truck drivers and freight. They work mainly for trucking companies, and their main responsibilities are to:

  • Organize schedules
  • Manage work plans and supervise itineraries
  • Solve problems
  • Plan pick-ups
  • Communicate with customers
  • Dispatch drivers and update logs.

Logistics supervisors aim to provide consistently high-quality service by supplying the information, documents and customs forms required for successful delivery.

Logistics processor

A logistics processor manages inventory and orders and prepares items for shipment. They perform tasks such as retrieving, packing and shipping goods.

Forklift operator

A forklift operator plays a crucial role in the dynamic world of the warehouse. With skill and precision, they relentlessly maneuver through stored goods, unloading deliveries and stacking boxes and parcels.

To drive a forklift, you must have experience and a forklift driver’s certification. But that’s not all! A forklift operator may also be responsible for unloading trucks, a true test of endurance that requires excellent physical condition.

Delivery driver and truck driver

Delivery drivers make direct deliveries to customers on a smaller scale, such as local and same-day deliveries. Their responsibilities include driving vehicles, planning delivery schedules, loading and unloading goods, and customer service. Truck drivers, on the other hand, handle larger deliveries transported over greater distances.


As a key mediator in the supply chain, the buyer’s goal is to acquire goods for resale and carefully select products from suppliers for local outlets.

A buyer’s main responsibilities include assessing needs, analyzing the market, negotiating with suppliers, supervising distribution and managing inventory.

Logistics skills

To work in logistics and transportation you’ll need several key skills. A company will consider you a real asset if you have a knowledge of software for printing shipping labels, bills, lading slips and packing slips.

Other skills relevant to logistics jobs may include:

  • Knowing how to use a pallet truck or jack to move pallets safely and efficiently in a warehouse
  • Being aware of how to handle various types of goods
  • Basic preventive maintenance of equipment to keep in running smoothly and avoid delays which could negatively impact the supply chain.
  • A good command of parcel packaging

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