Are you looking for the cheapest way to ship a package to the UK and are unsure about the steps involved?

The United Kingdom is one of Canada’s major trading partners and an important market for Canadian exports. Because of these close economic ties to the United Kingdom, the process of shipping is relatively simple.

Globex is the solution for sending your packages from Canada to the United Kingdom. In this article we will explain the different options available to you covering customs clearance and the costs associated with shipping goods to the UK.

How to ship a package to the UK

On September 21, 2020, the Canadian and British governments announced the implementation of an agreement to maintain the duty-free preferential status granted under CETA after Brexit.

This agreement offers both governments the flexibility to implement tariff reductions in the post-Brexit period. The preferential status granted will continue to apply to sending a package to the UK from Canada on an MFN (Most Favored Nation) basis. This grants shippers the benefits of cost reduction on delivery.

The standard delivery time for a package shipped from Canada to another country (except for the U.S.) is 4 to 7 business days. Please note that these times depend on factors that may cause a delay in the delivery of your package.

Required documents

If you are sending a package or goods to the UK, there are a few things you should know to avoid any hassle.

Make sure you include a commercial invoice with your shipment. This document should include a description of each item being shipped, as well as its value and the reason for the export. The value that should be listed is the cost, insurance and freight (CIF) incoterm. This is the total value of the shipment, including freight charges and tariffs.

Note that UK customs are becoming increasingly strict on declared value and often inspect packages. When sending goods, be sure to attach supporting documentation in case the declared value is disputed.

This means that you need to declare the transaction value of the package, which is the cost for which you bought or sold the item.

UK customs duty

It is important to note that all packages sent from Canada to the UK must be cleared through customs. To facilitate this process, be sure to include a detailed packing list or invoice with your shipment. This will help customs officials determine what is in your package and if duties or taxes are applicable. These simple steps will ensure that your shipment from Canada to the UK goes smoothly.

Note: The information provided is a general reference. UK customs regulations are subject to change. For more information, do not hesitate to contact an international courier and freight forwarder.

Shipping costs including customs fees

When shipping a package to the UK from Canada, it is important to know the de minimis threshold. This is the value at which duty and VAT are charged on imported goods if you are shipping a package:

  • For items up to £135 in value, no duty is charged, but VAT is charged
  • For items valued over £135, duty and VAT are payable

This means that if you are sending a low value package, it is possible to avoid paying tax and duty by ensuring that the value of the goods is below the threshold. It is important to know that this only applies to packages sent from Montreal. Use an online currency converter to stay informed.

If you are sending a package from other cities in Canada outside of Montreal, the threshold may be different. Always check before sending to avoid any unexpected charges. You should know that you can contact Globex to obtain additional information for high value shipments such as artwork.

Trust Globex to ship your package to UK from Canada

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