Shipping a package or mail can often be a stressful and anxiety-inducing process. Slow delivery or failure to meet deadlines can test your patience. Fortunately, there are now same-day delivery services in Montreal.

Same day delivery ensures that your mail is received on time. Why should you choose same day delivery in Montreal? Our shipping experts at Globex Courier have the answers.

Sending parcels or mail the same day

When you need to send an urgent package or document, you can rely on companies that can deliver it in less than 24 hours. Whether you need to send keys, documents that need to be sent quickly to finalize a file or an item such as furniture to be shipped abroad, same day delivery is the perfect solution!

Moreover, with a good mail forwarding system, you can make your shipment in a few clicks. If you want to send an express delivery in less than one business day without having to travel, our logistics dispatch experts can help you.

5 benefits of same-day delivery for businesses

There are many benefits to express delivery, especially if it is done the same day. Who hasn’t dreamed of placing an order and receiving their package the same day! While the benefits are more than obvious for individuals, what about businesses?

Reduced cart abandonment rates

A real concern for e-commerce stores, shopping cart abandonment is a major focus for many companies. How do you convert and trigger a purchase? Do you have to adjust the delivery costs? Do you have to offer promotions?

Same day delivery can be the solution. Many consumers will not complete a purchase if they find that delivery time is too long. By offering same day delivery to reduce the time it takes to ship your products, you can convince them to make a purchase, especially if it is urgent (Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, etc.).

Customer retention and acquisition

First, same day delivery encourages new purchases. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Customers are more likely to order again, having appreciated the quick delivery and shopping experience.

The same applies to new customers, who are potentially interested in buying products from an e-commerce store that can deliver to them quickly and often at the same price as some competitors.

Standing out from competitors

Although it is a difficult concept for some e-commerce companies to implement, same day delivery is a real competitive advantage. An express delivery solution is sure to bring your brand greater awareness in the long run.

Same day shipping can help you stand out from the crowd, whether through advertising or word of mouth from satisfied customers. Companies should always seek to avoid delayed deliveries as they can quickly tarnish your reputation.

Better credibility and value as an e-commerce store

As you already know, customer perception is essential to maintaining the credibility of your company. Make sure you communicate clearly what your express delivery entails and respect your commitments. You can encourage your satisfied customers to leave comments or tell others about your service through word of mouth. Don’t forget that your advertising is done both online and offline!

Reduced stress and no more endless wait times

Finally, same day delivery will remove much of the stress related to delivery times and ensure that your customer receives their package. Same day delivery is a great choice and some Montreal same day delivery companies offer your customers the ability to track the status of their mail in real time. A surefire way to know when your mail will arrive.

Same day delivery: a modern shipping service

Many people work from home these days. They are more likely to be able to receive mail at home and be present for delivery within a few hours. Residential mail is gradually taking over from business mail and you need to adapt by choosing a delivery service that works for you.

Same day delivery adapts to you and your schedule. You don’t have to wait endlessly for your mail, the delivery service will bring it to you on time.

Choose Globex Courier for your deliveries in Montreal

Next day service providers often have standardized prices for deliveries in Montreal. Whether the delivery address is around the corner or 10 kilometers from your business, the price is the same. You just need to find the right courier company in Montreal.

Globex offers a better rate based on distance, while delivering your shipment the same day, not the next day. When you choose Globex, you are relying on a same day delivery service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also offer you the ability to track your mail in real time while saving money.

Our experienced and trusted delivery team guarantees same day delivery. You can even choose a 1 or 2 hour delivery service.

Contact us for more information on our same day delivery service in Montreal!