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Who offers you the right courier service for your business?

In a recent article posted, It provided some preliminary information to help you chose the right Transport Company depending on your shipping needs. As a follow up, this article is meant to help you with finding the right COURIER SERVICE for your shipments under 75 kilos.

The right COURIER SERVICE for your business is the one that can satisfy your needs to and from all destinations; may it be locally, Regionally, Nationally, to the USA or Overseas. A Courier Consolidator offers you access to the best Courier Networks available. They are not affected by the limitations of Courier Companies. They capitalize on the strengths of these Integrators to afford you the best service option for your shipments.

While I use the 75 kilos limit as a point of reference only, a Consolidator can offer COURIER SERVICES for weights much greater. There comes a point where the weight or size of your shipment may surpass the limits or allowances for a COURIER SERVICE. Typical Courier Companies will simply refuse to transport it, while a Courier Consolidator has the means of finding an alternate option with their vast Network.

COURIER SERVICES offered by a Consolidator is right for you.

  • We offer you the best Networks for your destinations and weights.
  • Globex offers rates commensurate with your total volumes.
  • They offer shipping expertise and flexibility for your nonstandard shipments.
  • They offer solutions to meet your needs
  • We are an extension of your business


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Scott Curran – SWA
Globex Worldwide Courier