Getting goods from Point A to B will require a Transport Company. There are several types of transportation options, which one do you need?

The following will help you in understanding which type of Transport Company you need based on your shipping profile.

First Step is to determine where you’re shipping. This should be broken down in 5 categories:

A – Locally

B – Regionally

C – Nationally

D – Cross Border (to and from the USA)

E – Internationally

Second step would be to identify what your shipping:

A – Documents

B – Goods under 75 Kg

C – Goods Under 500 Kg

D – Goods Above 500 Kg

E – Goods above 1000 Kg

And lastly, determine the mode of Transportation you require:

A – Ground

B – Air

C – Ocean

Based on these criteria, you may require more than one Transport Company; however, dealing directly with one or several, may be challenging if your volume does not afford you privileges with them. Transport Companies will favor clients with regular volumes. Those that do not ship daily or weekly will find themselves struggling for service and competitive pricing.

You may even consider hiring an experienced Transportation Logistics Coordinator for your company, but this will not be a wise investment if your volumes do not support preferential service and pricing offered by the various Transport Companies.

There is a simple solution; Find an experienced Courier Consolidator. They have the volumes and relationships with all types of Transport Companies. Dealing with the right Consolidator will afford you the support you need while benefiting from their combined volumes. Your profits depend on it.

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Scott Curran – SWA
Globex Worldwide Courier