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A forklift operator plays a crucial role in the supply chain. These skilled members of the logistics team use forklifts to move goods within warehouses and industrial sites, unloading deliveries, stacking items for storage, and transporting materials to different locations.

What exactly does it take to work as a forklift operator? Learn everything you need to know in this forklift operator job description from Globex Worldwide Courier, your shipping partner in Canada.

What does a forklift operator do?

A forklift operator, also known as a forklift truck driver, is a skilled professional who operates forklifts, pallet trucks, tractor and other equipment to move, load and unload various goods in environments such as warehouses, production and construction sites.

Every day, a forklift operator makes sure that goods are transported safely from storage in warehouses to shipment. They are responsible for complying with safety and stock organization protocols to keep items and packages intact.

Forklift operator tasks and responsibilities

Forklift operators are responsible for more than handling goods. As an essential link in the logistics chain, they have a direct influence on the speed and efficiency of distribution processes. By managing and monitoring goods, forklift operators play an important part in maintaining inventory: when goods are stored correctly, they are easily accessible and accurately accounted for.

Forklift operators must also closely follow safety standards. This is a multi-skilled professional whose technical expertise is essential to the smooth running of any supply chain. A forklift operator can make a significant contribution to customer satisfaction, by ensuring that products arrive at their destination meeting delivery deadlines and in perfect condition.

Types of forklift operator

In the dynamic field of logistics careers, forklift operators can be specialized according to the equipment they operate and where they work. Each type of forklift operator has unique skills and responsibilities:

  1. Counterbalance Forklift Operators: Operate forklift trucks equipped with counterweights to counter the weight of the load. Essential to warehouse operations, these professionals must work with precision to transport loads safely.
  2. Telescopic Forklift Operators: Operate telehandlers, crane-like equipment designed to load and unload goods in confined spaces or when dealing with complex angles.
  3. Warehouse Operators: Are responsible for successfully loading and unloading pallets and heavy goods in warehouses, often as preparation for dispatch.
  4. Construction Forklift Operators: Are responsible for transporting building materials on construction sites. They operate forklift trucks that are specially adapted to lifting loads to significant heights and sometimes under difficult conditions.
  5. Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Forklift Operators: Specialize in handling hazardous materials. These forklift operators are trained to handle dangerous goods according to accepted safety regulations and standards.
  6. Cold Storage Forklift Operators: Work in cold storage facilities. Require knowledge of how to operate forklift trucks in cold environments to handle products that must be kept at low temperatures.

What skills do you need to become a forklift operator?

To become a forklift operator in Quebec and assist in maintaining smooth supply chain operations, you’ll need specific training and skills.

This profession offers good career prospects and a competitive salary, making it an attractive opportunity for anyone who wants to enter this dynamic field.

Forklift operator training and certification

You’ll need to complete official training to become a forklift operator in Quebec. This training involves learning about forklift safety, and how to inspect and operate forklift machinery. Since 2007, the practical side of the training has been mandatory if you want to get a forklift operator’s license, according to standards established by the RSST (Règlement sur la santé et la sécurité du travail).

Your employer can award you this permit, but it must be regularly renewed, so you will need to keep up to date with safety standards. Practical experience acquired in the field is extremely important, as it allows you to develop the skills you’ll need and learn how to work in a professional, efficient manner.

Forklift operator skills

Forklift operators need to be physically strong. They also need good spatial reasoning to be able to move equipment around in a variety of settings. Technical skills related to handling different types of forklifts and understanding safety procedures are necessary. In addition, forklift operators need to be organized and vigilant.

Forklift operator career prospects and salary

Forklift operator salaries in Quebec vary according to individual experience and skills. Beginners can expect to earn around $15.25 per hour, while experienced forklift operators, such as those working on shipping docks, can earn up to $28.00 per hour. In general, the average salary for a forklift operator is around $19.50 per hour.

There is a constant demand for forklift operators in Quebec within various sectors, including logistics, manufacturing, and retail. Forklift operators can expect to find stable employment and enjoy a rewarding career if they choose to follow this path.

Globex: Partner with us for efficient supply chain logistics

Forklift operators may often be underestimated, but their role is key in the complex world of supply chain logistics. At Globex Worldwide Courier, we understand how important these skilled professionals are to successful shipping and transport operations.

We are committed to working with the best forklift operators to ensure efficient and reliable shipping in Canada and around the world. Whether you’re a company looking for the right logistics partner, or an aspiring forklift operator looking for a job opportunity, Globex is the right choice! Contact us to join a dynamic and committed team today!