Envoyer un colis en Inde

Sending a package to India is easy if you know how! Shipping a parcel from Canada to India involves respecting certain conditions like choosing an appropriate carrier, labeling your package, being aware of any shipping restrictions as your item crosses the border, paying various shipping fees and accurately filling out documents.

Take the easy route and refer to our guide below, which includes the main points you’ll need to be aware of to send a package to India efficiently and securely.

Choosing an international courier service

There are many possible ways to ship goods overseas. International couriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. along with local carriers (e.g. India Post), work hard to provide you with reliable and fast freight shipping. It may be a good idea to compare the current rates, delivery times and services being offered before choosing the right courier for your needs.

Consider the requirements and restrictions of shipping to India for each service and confirm that they will accept to ship your package or parcel.

Quick Tip: to get an idea of the quality of the services offered, read user reviews and choose a carrier with a good track record.

Preparing your parcel for shipping to India

Preparing your package is an essential step. Before sending a parcel to Asia, ensure that the goods are well-packed and protected to avoid damage during transit. It is also important to check the shipping restrictions and requirements for the items you are sending. To ensure successful shipping, here are some things to consider.

Package your parcel carefully

It is important to pack a parcel the right way to avoid any damage during delivery. This is especially important if you are shipping artwork. Use packing materials like bubble wrap, foam sheets or pieces of cardboard to protect fragile items. Use plenty of adhesive tape to seal the package.

Add a label

The label displays important delivery and shipping information directly on the package. Be sure to include the name and full address of the recipient as well as the sender, in case your parcel is returned.

Including the recipient’s and sender’s contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) is also a good idea. You can also indicate whether the items being shipped are fragile to make sure the carrier handles it properly.

Check the weight and size of your package

Before sending a parcel to India, it is important to check the weight and dimensions of the parcel to ensure that it meets the limits imposed by the carrier. Make sure your parcel complies with limitations to avoid extra charges. 

What documents do I need to send a package to India?

To send a package to India, you need to fill out and provide certain essential documents. International couriers require certain customs forms such as a commercial invoice or delivery slip to accompany the package. Other documents will likely also be necessary.

1. Commercial invoice

This invoice should include a detailed description of the items contained in the package, including their value and origin. It is important to make sure that all information is clear and detailed when completing the commercial invoice. Verify all information before submitting the form.

2. Delivery slip

A delivery slip should be inserted in the package. The delivery slip should include information like the name and address of the recipient and information about the sender.

3. Customs declaration

It is mandatory to fill out a customs declaration for items shipped to India. You can obtain this form from your carrier or from the Indian customs authority. Be sure to check with the Indian customs authorities to see what other documentation may be required for your shipment. Just like the commercial invoice or delivery slip, you should be sure to fill out the declaration carefully with detailed information about the items in the package.

4. Certificate of Origin (CO)

For certain types of goods destined for India, you may be required to provide a Certificate of Origin. Be sure to include it with your package when you ship or ask your customs broker for more information.

5. Import permit

Some goods, such as drugs, weapons, ammunition, explosives and pharmaceuticals require an import permit to be shipped to India. Contact the Indian customs authorities for more information.

By following these steps, you should have no trouble shipping your package to India. This information is just a guide and we recommend that you check with Indian customs authorities or contact a company that specializes in international shipping services for more information.

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