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Shipping packages overseas is not something you can improvise, especially when you are shipping packages from China. Customs procedures are quite strict and there are some fine details to be aware of to avoid a package refusal or extra fees.

Globex will make sure that you know what documents are required before your package is shipped from China to Canada.

What is the best method of shipping from China to Canada?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, certain shipping costs have increased considerably, slowing down trade between some countries. This is especially true for ocean freight or air freight, which have reached record highs during this period. Recently, there has been a favorable shift in the market price of shipping packages internationally.

If you want to send goods to China, now is the time! Globex and their partners can assist you with your international shipping needs.

To ship your goods between China and Canada, the two best methods are ocean freight and air freight.

Ocean freight from China

China has become Canada’s second largest supplier after the United States. Canada mainly imports manufactured goods, such as electrical machinery, furniture and textiles. This means that large quantities of products are shipped between China and Canada, making sea traffic an essential part of this trade.

If you choose ocean freight, here are some advantages:

  • Affordable method to send goods
  • Volumetric flexibility of package sizes
  • Guaranteed sealed container transport

Ocean freight cost 

Based on their needs, ocean freight importers use 20′ or 40′ containers, or opt for LCL transport, which is a price per cubic meter depending on the volume, and therefore the space, that the merchandise will take up on the ship. Note that there are also tariff surcharges which are fees that the carrier collects to handle the boarding and shipping and customs procedures.

For example, there is the BAF (percentage applied to the freight rate based on the variation in the price of crude oil). There is also the Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF), the Terminal Handling Charge (THC), etc. For more details, we invite you to fill out our online form.

Air freight from China

While most shipments are made by sea, some goods such as high value or seasonal items, clothing, electronics, or fragile items that may be damaged during shipping, are sent by air. This usually takes only a few days as opposed to sea freight which can take longer. There are two types of air freight: conventional and express.

Conventional air freight is less expensive, but it will take longer for your shipment to reach its destination. Express air freight is more expensive, but it arrives much faster. It is operated by Globex’s partner shipping network that offers last mile services such as DHL, FedEx and UPS.

Documents required to ship a package to Canada from China

When it comes to shipping goods internationally, there are three main documents you will need to ship an item from China: the packing slip, the commercial invoice and the packing list. Keep in mind that if your shipment consists of multiple packages, you will need to make sure you have a packing list for each one.

Commercial invoice and packing slip

This invoice should express the amount of the goods (regardless of currency). The information should be clear and written in English.

Packing list for large shipments

In general, it is requested for large shipments to itemize all contents, but it is good practice to always include a packing list. This helps to facilitate inspection and speed up the shipment of packages by customs authorities. A packing list generally describes the contents, the quantity, the packing method, if the goods are fragile (transport of works of art) and the weight, and must be signed by the sender.

Customs fees for Chinese imports to Canada

We advise you to check the admissibility of your imports in advance. You can check the list of import controlled goods, identify the manufacturer and exporter, and obtain a detailed description of the goods being shipped. You must have certain documents necessary for customs clearance in Canada in your possession.

Documents required for customs clearance

To do business in Canada, you must obtain a unique business number. This number is used for customs declarations, payment of goods and services taxes, corporate taxes, imports and exports. (Consult our customs forms)

You will also need to choose which CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) office your goods will be cleared through. There are now over 1200 ports of entry in Canada. It is easier to choose an office based on where your goods arrive but remember that you can request another clearance office if necessary.

You will need to determine the customs tariffs of your goods which will help determine the rate of duty you will have to pay upon importation.

Trust Globex to ship your package from China to Canada

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