Do you have a relative living in Canada and you want to ship them a package from Europe or elsewhere? The process can seem daunting if you are not well prepared. Globex is an expert when it comes to Canada courier services. We can tell you everything you need to know about shipping to Canada: rates, weight, dimensions, delivery times. Find out everything you need to know below.

How much does it cost to ship a package to Canada?

The price of a parcel sent to Canada varies depending on many factors such as its size, destination, delivery method and weight. Each of these factors should be considered before sending your package.

Prices may differ depending on the country of shipment. For example, the cost of transportation will be much less if the package is leaving from the United States than if it is leaving from France or any other country in Europe. The reason being that express shipping rates in North America are much lower than those applicable on the old continent!

Shipping price also depends on the value of the goods being shipped. If the package is worth more than 20 CAD, it will automatically be subject to duties and taxes according to Canadian customs rules.

To find out the exact price of your shipment and take advantage of the best rates, please do not hesitate to ask your international carrier for more information.

At Globex Worldwide Courier, a simple online inquiry will give you an accurate price quote for your package.

Is there a weight limit for shipping to Canada?

The weight limit for shipping packages to Canada can vary greatly depending on the shipping company.

For Globex, our limit is 300 kg per package and 500 kg per shipment for our international express service. Beyond this limit, additional charges will be applied.

Use our volumetric weight calculator to quickly receive an accurate estimate of the price of your shipment to Canada.

What is the maximum size of a package shipped to Canada?

Maximum size differs from carrier to carrier and the type of shipping service you select. For example, the maximum dimensions of a standard shipment can vary: the sum of the length, width and height can be between 150 cm and 419 cm.

As an illustration, Globex allows you to send packages with dimensions up to 419 cm.

In case you want to send goods with dimensions larger than 419 cm, we invite you to directly contact our freight logistics service.

How to properly pack your package for shipping to Canada

It is important to understand and follow the packaging rules before shipping a package to Canada. If the conditions are not respected, it will be much more difficult to make a claim with your carrier.

Use our 4-step guide to learn how to pack a box for shipping to Canada. This will ensure that your package arrives safely at its destination.

What can be mailed to Canada?

As a shipper, you are responsible for informing yourself and complying with Canadian law regarding prohibited and restricted products.

What goods are prohibited and restricted to ship to Canada?

In an effort to protect the country, there are many Canadian laws that permit the verification of mail and packages entering the country.

We invite you to consult the Canadian government website for a list of dangerous, inadmissible and/or controlled goods when sending a parcel.

What items are authorized to ship to Canada?

All other items that do not fit into the categories listed by the Canadian government will arrive safely at their destination.

You can therefore send chocolate, clothes, a computer, a camera, a smart phone or even toys without worry.

How long does it take to send a package to Canada?

Many factors can influence the delivery time of a package. The main one being the time of year. Seasonality is likely to play a role in the time it takes to ship a package to Canada, especially at the end of the year during the holidays.

The estimated delivery time is between 3 and 5 working days for a standard delivery and 1 and 3 days for an express delivery. Contact our agents to request an estimate of the delivery time for your package or mail to Canada.

What are the documents required for shipping to Canada?

As with any international shipment, shipping to Canada requires filling out certain essential documents.

To avoid any complications, the shipper must complete and enclose at least one commercial and/or customs invoice (one original and two copies).

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