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In the world of shipping small parcels domestically or Internationally, there are several options of couriers that can provide services for you. A few factors to consider when selecting the right Courier Company for your business.

1 – Where am I shipping and what am I shipping?

While many courier companies claim to offer worldwide services, it is very difficult for 1 company to be specialists to all destinations and especially not for all sizes and weights of shipments. Determine your destination markets, and know your weight and box sizes.

2 – Do I have an experienced shipping or logistics department?

Sending courier shipments internationally requires a certain level of expertise. Gone are the days of simply applying a destination label. A certain level of experience is required to understand how to effectively prepare customs documents to assure a smooth and timely delivery to your recipient. Be sure when you select a courier that they have the experience and know-how to support your needs.

3 – Do I have time to track my shipments or deal with delivery issues when something goes wrong?

While we expect that everything will arrive on time without incident, this is not the reality. Urgent shipments get delayed or arrive at the destination and become undeliverable because of several factors. Some shipments get damaged or even loss in the conveyor maze of the integrators hub and spoke systems. It is important that you have staff that can deal with these issues as they arise, or find an experienced courier that offers this service as an extension of your company.

4 – Lastly, and most importantly; Do I have sufficient volumes to offer a Courier Company and be afforded good discounts?

This will be your most important factor when choosing a Courier Company. Although all courier companies offer standard tariffs, they do offer discount levels based on your estimated spend with them. If you are looking to find several couriers based on your various needs, you will further increase your costs as your volume scale will be decreased with each courier.

What is my solution?

Find a Courier Consolidator. Courier Consolidators answer all of these needs. They are an extension of your business by offering worldwide expertise in shipping and allow you to capitalize on the best Courier Networks available for your markets and products. Because of their buying strength with the main integrators in the business, you gain access to the most experienced courier Networks available at a pricing commensurate with your total volume.

Chat with Globex Worldwide Courier today to improve your profitability and client satisfaction. They are your experienced Courier Company solution.

Scott Curran
Globex Worldwide Courier